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5 reasons 2013 FSU team smokes 2018 Clemson

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The 2013 FSU football team is the greatest college football team. Yes, better than 2001 Miami and would definitely smoke the 2018 Clemson team.

FSU football has become an afterthought in the college football since losing to Alabama in the 2017 season opener.

They’re 12-13 over the past two seasons, but that doesn’t take away from what the Noles accomplished just five years ago.

They began the BCS era with a national title in 1999 and won the final BCS national title in 2013.

In fact, that 2013 team doesn’t get the respect it deserves for whatever reason when folk like to talk about the greatest teams of all time.

They ran wild over every opponent they faced until taking on SEC champion Auburn in the title game. Yes, FSU football had to come from behind to take out the Auburn Tigers and win by there points.

However, most folk don’t this the following:

Yep, former FSU assistant Dameyune Craig had joined the Auburn Tigers staff that season and was tipping off the plays that FSU was running in the first half.

FSU wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin let Jimbo Fisher know Craig was calling the plays. Fisher began to hide his signals with towels and and the second half offensive output skyrocketed and Auburn took that L.

Clemson impressively beat Alabama Monday night and now some are trying to say they are the best team ever. They are a GREAT team no question, but they are not better than the 2013 national title team.

Here are my five reasons why.

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