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Derrick Brooks comments on FSU’s struggles this season, Taggart

Florida State legend Derrick Brooks has an interesting perspective on the Seminoles current struggles. Brooks, a former star linebacker for FSU himself, is also the parent of current FSU redshirt freshman DeCalon Brooks. He’s also remains close with former defensive coordinator and current team consultant, Micky Andrews.  He’s been out at practice this season and on the sidelines for numerous games.

Brooks spoke with the Big3RollUp podcast this week and gave his thoughts on the state of the program.

“I like what I’ve seen from him in terms of rebuilding our culture and establishing the foundation,” Brooks said on the Big3RollUp podcast. “I’m not naive enough to tell you I like what I see on the football field – because I don’t. I can’t wait to see some of these disciplines that he’s made off the field.  I can’t wait to see the results from those, on the field. That will be part of the winning mixture to start putting these ingredients together to get these wins.”

Listen to the full interview with Derrick Brooks at 21:15.

“From someone that has seen practice — It’s happening, there’s some growing pains. Seminole faithful they’ve forgot what it’s like to be patient and see the process through. Right now I’m very confident in coach Taggart, his staff and the things they’re building.”

Brooks sees some comparisons in turning around FSU’s current program to the turnaround he was apart of with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the mid-90s.

“There are some similarities in the transition we are going through in Tallahassee. One is, I remember very vividly coach Dungy giving us a speech in 1996, he said he wished he could get rid of some of the men on the team, but they’re only on the team for economic reasons. He said, ‘if you think it’s you — it’s probably you’. I’ll never forget that speech and it meant that no matter how talented you think you are, you would not be a part of the future as soon as he could phase you out.”

“I don’t think it’s that drastic up in Tallahassee, in terms of getting rid of guys. He has to find the guys that are going to be there and buy-in to what he’s doing. That’s the difference between the professional sport and collegiate sport. You can’t kick guys out, but you can reward the guys that are buying in.”

Despite the optics of FSU’s 2018 season, Brooks sees a silver lining in all of this. He thinks the struggles FSU is going through now will only make this team mentally stronger in the coming years.

“Coach Taggart coming in provides consistency,” Brooks added. “He has come in and established a clear foundation of goals and expectations. He’s holding guys to that standard and not allowing results on the football field to dictate that foundation. Those things were being done back in the spring. You see some guys starting in the spring, are no longer here. He’s very consistent in his convictions and that’s what you want from a leader, to be consistent, know where you stand and show that he can lead young men through stormy times.”

You can listen to the full interview on iTunes as well HERE.

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