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FSU’s Dontavious Jackson surprised BC didn’t go for it on 4th down late

Leading 21-16 late in the fourth quarter, No. 20 Boston College had a chance to essentially ice the game and leave Tallahassee with a victory. The only thing standing in their way was one yard.

With just one yard to gain, the Eagles took the field without star running back AJ Dillon. Dillon appeared to have a bit of a limp from the previous play and that is obviously a factor, but not only did they take the field without Dillon, they took the field without a play to run. They elected, instead, to try and draw the Florida State defense offside.

Linebacker Dontavious Jackson suspected the Eagles didn’t have a play to run, and could be seen communicating his thoughts with the defensive line to make sure they didn’t jump.

“I said they didn’t have a play,” Jackson said. “I said they don’t have a play because that was like their third hard count, so i’m like, ‘they’ve got to run it eventually.’ After that, I was like, ‘they don’t have a play.’ I don’t know. It’s just knowing—knowing characteristics I would say. I don’t know.”

Jackson was just as surprised as all of us watching the game that Boston College didn’t run a play.

“I actually am,” Jackson said. “I thought they were going to try to run a power, play-action, or a QB sneak. Just like they went for it three or four times during the game. So, I was kind of surprised they did that, but it worked out for the best.”

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