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Florida State Seminoles

FSU’s history in the NFL’s biggest game

Regardless of who wins Super Bowl LIII, a former Florida State standout will be earning a Super Bowl ring.

Safety Lamarcus Joyner is a veteran starter for the Los Angeles Rams, while tight end Ryan Izzo is a rookie on injured reserve for the New England Patriots.

Below is a look at past Super Bowl participants from FSU and some other notes about former Seminoles on the NFL’s biggest stage.

Joyner’s and Izzo’s participation in Super Bowl LIII will give FSU a total of 65 former players who will have been part of the roster of a Super Bowl participant.

Among that group, 36 different Seminoles have earned at least one Super Bowl ring.

A pair, Fred Biletnikoff in Super Bowl XI for the Oakland Raiders and Dexter Jackson in Super Bowl XXXVII for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have earned MVP honors.

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Here is a look at past FSU Super Bowl participants, with those who were on the winning teams in bold:

Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raiders, II (1-14-1968), XI (1-9-1977) (MVP)

Dale McCullers Baltimore Colts, III (1-12-1969)

Ron Sellers Miami Dolphins, VII (1-14-1973)

J.T. Thomas Pittsburgh Steelers, IX (1-12-1975), X (1-18-1976), XIII (1-21-1979)

Willie Jones Oakland Raiders, XV (1-25-1981)

Mike Shumann San Francisco 49ers, XVI (1-24-1982)

Dennis McKinnon Chicago Bears, XX (1-26-1986)

Alphonso Carreker Denver Broncos, XXI (1-25-1987)

Ken Lanier Denver Broncos, XXI (1-25-1987), XXII (1-31-1988), XXIV (1-28-1990)

Zeke Mowatt New York Giants, XXI (1-25-1987)

Odell Haggins Buffalo Bills, XXV (1-27-1991)

Rick Tuten Buffalo Bills, XXV (1-27-1991); St. Louis Rams, XXXIV (1-30-2000)

Martin Mayhew Washington Redskins, XXVI (1-26-1992)

Dexter Carter San Francisco 49ers, XXIX (1-29-1995)

Dedrick Dodge San Francisco 49ers, XXIX (1-29-1995); Denver Broncos, XXXII (1-25-1998)

William Floyd San Francisco 49ers, XXIX (1-29-1995)

Deion Sanders San Francisco 49ers, XXIX (1-29-1995); Dallas Cowboys, XXX (1-28-1996)

Rohn Stark Pittsburgh Steelers, XXX (1-28-1996)

Edgar Bennett Green Bay Packers, XXXI (1-26-1997)

LeRoy Butler Green Bay Packers, XXXI (1-26-1997), XXXII (1-25-1998)

Andre Cooper Denver Broncos, XXXII (1-25-1998)

Devin Bush Atlanta Falcons, XXXIII (1-31-1999); St. Louis Rams, XXXIV (1-30-2000)

Henri Crockett Atlanta Falcons, XXXIII (1-31-1999)

Amp Lee St. Louis Rams, XXXIV (1-30-2000)

Kevin Long Tennessee Titans, XXXIV (1-30-2000)

Samari Rolle Tennessee Titans, XXXIV (1-30-2000)

Peter Boulware Baltimore Ravens, XXXV (1-28-2001)

Brian Allen St. Louis Rams, XXXVI (2-3-2002); Carolina Panthers, XXXVIII (2-1-2004)

Terrell Buckley New England Patriots, XXXVI (2-3-2002)

Tommy Polley St. Louis Rams, XXXVI (2-3-2002)

Derrick Brooks Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Tony Bryant Oakland Raiders, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Zack Crockett Oakland Raiders, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Derrick Gibson Oakland Raiders, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Dexter Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVII (1-26-2003) MVP

Sebastian Janikowski Oakland Raiders, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Brad Johnson Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Greg Spires Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

David Warren Oakland Raiders, XXXVII (1-26-2003)

Chris Weinke Carolina Panthers, XXXVIII (2-1-2004)

P.K. Sam New England Patriots, XXXIX (2-6-2005)

Corey Simon Philadelphia Eagles, XXXIX (2-6-2005)

Tra Thomas Philadelphia Eagles, XXXIX (2-6-2005)

Michael Boulware Seattle Seahawks, XL (2-5-2006)

Chris Hope Pittsburgh Steelers, XL (2-5-2006)

Walter Jones Seattle Seahawks, XL (2-5-2006)

Bryant McFadden Pittsburgh Steelers, XL (2-5-2006), XLIII (2-1-2009), XLV (2-6-2011)

Peter Warrick Seattle Seahawks, XL (2-5-2006)

Ray Willis Seattle Seahawks, XL (2-5-2006)

Anquan Boldin Arizona Cardinals, XLIII (2-1-2009); Baltimore Ravens, XLVII (2-3-2013)

Darnell Dockett Arizona Cardinals, XLIII (2-1-2009)

Orpheus Roye Pittsburgh Steelers, XLIII (2-1-2009)

Lawrence Timmons Pittsburgh Steelers, XLIII (2-1-2009), XLV (2-6-2011)

Tony Carter Denver Broncos, XLVIII (2-2-2014)

Bryan Stork New England Patriots, XLIX (2-1-2015)

Kelvin Benjamin Carolina Panthers, 50 (2-7-2016) (injured reserve)

Graham Gano Carolina Panthers, 50 (2-7-2016)

Devonta Freeman Atlanta Falcons, LI (2-5-2017)

Tre’ Jackson New England Patriots, LI 2-5-2017) (injured reserve)

Nigel Bradham Philadelphia Eagles, LII (2-4-2018)

Ronald Darby Philadelphia Eagles, LII (2-4-2018)

Timmy Jernigan Philadelphia Eagles, LII (2-4-2018)

Patrick Robinson Philadelphia Eagles, LII (2-4-2018)

(Photo: Matt Kartozian, USA TODAY Sports)

Joyner will look to become the 11th different player from Florida State to win both a National Title and Super Bowl. A total of 10 former Seminoles have already accomplished that in their playing careers, with only Bryan Stork and William Floyd accomplished the feat in back-to-back seasons.

Here is the rundown of the list that Joyner will look to join on Sunday evening:


William Floyd – Super Bowl XXIX (San Francisco)

Andre Cooper – Super Bowl XXXII (Denver)

Devin Bush – Super Bowl XXXIV (St. Louis)

Derrick Brooks – Super Bowl XXXVII (Tampa Bay)


Chris Hope – Super Bowl XL (Pittsburgh)

Anquan Boldin – Super Bowl XLVII (Baltimore)


Bryan Stork – Super Bowl XLIX (New England)

Tre’ Jackson – Super Bowl LI (New England)

Ronald Darby – Super Bowl LII (Philadelphia)

Timmy Jernigan – Super Bowl LII (Philadelphia)

Super Bowl LIII kicks off on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. It will be broadcast by CBS.

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