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Henshaw’s House: Wrapping up FSU’s season, looking to the future

Warchant: After Saturday’s game, Coach Taggart made the comment that he’s going to meet with all of his players individually as part of his efforts to determine what went wrong this season and make decisions about the future. That’s pretty common, right?

Henshaw: Yes, at the end of a season, coaches will go and meet with everybody that’s on the team and discuss the program and how a guy is doing in the program. You do the same thing in the NFL. And it’s really important because throughout the season, you go-go-go so fast that sometimes you’re not getting a chance to think about the big picture. So at the end of the season, the players [in the NFL] will go by and see the head coach or see a position coach to have this conversation. You can’t do that in college — it usually has to be the head coach in college because all of the assistant coaches are out recruiting right now, while the head coach stays on campus. But yes, the idea is to have the players come in and discuss what they can do to help the team and themselves. It’s a very normal procedure.

Warchant: I’ve been in management positions where we’ve done annual reviews with employees, and sometimes I’ve found out that an employee has a very different view of his performance and how he fits into the company than management does. Does the same thing happen on a football team?

Henshaw: Sometimes, yeah. That’s why it’s a very important meeting. Because the player gets a very clear idea of how the head coach feels that he fits into the program and then what he needs to do to improve himself to be able to accomplish the goals that he has in mind. And in college, it’s not always just about football. They could talk about working on his goals academically or developing as a leader, whatever it may be. But he can talk to the head coach about how he can get those things accomplished and also what the team needs from him.

Warchant: A lot has been made about Florida State’s roster and how important it will be for Willie to get “his guys” into the program through recruiting. This will be his first full recruiting cycle after taking over the program last December. What are some of the things coaches look for in recruiting, aside from height, weight, speed and things like that?

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