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Nolecast: QB chatter, social media, listener questions, FSU recruiting

The Nolecast returns with an episode recorded Tuesday morning. The show is available on iTunes and Google Podcasts. A direct link is here. Our show notes are as follows, roughly. Show also available in the player below this article.

James Blackman

  • Why I completely believe Brendan Sonnone
  • Why did he consider it?

Ron Dugans being hired

  • What happens with Dave Kelly?
  • A few listeners asked if receivers coaches really coach…
  • James asks a question about being “Nole Blooded”.

Potential grad xfers

FSU’s schedule

  • This sets up pretty nicely!
  • Let’s rank the games from easiest to hardest

Memeing MLK

Listener questions

  • Mark: Do you still expect the “home/home” with LSU to get done?
  • Kevin: I know this is beating a dead horse to some extent, but with the terrible Oline production last year, even though we had no offensive tackles, how confident are you in Greg Frey as a coach? You guys, more than any other resource, I respect in appraising player development and player ability (especially as recruits). Do you think coaching was poor in maximizing what still should have been a decent crop of oline recruits or was Frey dealing with a deck stacked against him?
  • Jason: My question relates to Clemson and the Dexter Lawrence situation. Obviously, when you guys have previously referred to schools being ‘fully committed”, such as with Georgia, you were referring to a different kind of commitment, but I was wondering given that 3 players from Clemson were banned from competing in the two playoff games, if you think this is example a different way a school ‘might be committed to its program? With all of the coverage surrounding the last two weeks of football this seemed to disappear pretty quickly, especially given that one of the National Champion’s best players was suspended for their two most important games of the season. It seems pretty suspicious that 3 players were all found guilty yet Dabo was able to get away with a quick pivot and poof… it was gone. I guess if I had to distil this…. How prevalent is PED usage in college football? Is Is this case an outlier, or would we all be naive to think this is any different from ‘90s baseball?
  • Jacksonville Bulls readers feedback: the colors were garnet, black, orange, for the three most popular teams in the area.


  • News/Thoughts
  • Travis Jay shut things down.
  • FSU offered Darius Washington
  • CB Jay Ward an A&M v. LSU. v. FSU battle. Kamaar Bell is an Auburn v. FSU v. a few other battle. (Both Colquitt Co kids)
  • Nick Cross visiting Penn State on final weekend, but UGA is still pressing for him.
  • Lance LeGendre is coming on the 25th. Plumlee is reportedly coming on the 2nd.
  • FSU did offer LB Eugene Asante, of Virginia. It seems to be focused solely on HS backers, as a source of mine at an SEC school told me that JUCO LB Lakia Henry told him FSU is full.
  • OL wise, in addition to Kamaar Bell, St. Louis OL Ira Henry is scheduled in on a visit on the 25th.
  • More to come in next episode since FSU has almost all of its targets coming in that weekend.

Listener questions recruiting

  • Kevin: How many spots left in the class?
  • Sean: Should FSU offer Peyton Matocha?
  • Trell: Will this class finish top 10?
  • Caleb: What is the possibility of landing either Plumlee or Legendre to add depth and create a position battle at QB?
  • Ty: Where does FSU stand with 2020 QB recruits? Who are the primary targets?

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