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Seminoles have yet to find an identity under Willie Taggart

Former Florida State defensive back Bryant McFadden joined “XL Primetime” on 1010XL Radio in Jacksonville to talk about the current struggles going on at his alma mater.

“I’m seeing a lot of uncertainty first and foremost on both sides of the ball,” McFadden told 1010XL. “I think, unfortunately, we have yet to define who we are as a football team. We have yet to define our personality and our DNA.

“Good teams have a personality. Consistent teams have a personality. Week in and week out you know what you will see from certain teams. They’re still trying to establish that, which is tough because the season is almost over.”

McFadden, who went on to play seven seasons in the NFL, including winning two Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers after he his time at Florida State, was asked if he expected this season to be a rebuilding one in Tallahassee.

“I felt like this would be not necessarily a rebuilding year, but this would be a year where we would work through the kinks,” McFadden said. “We would find out what works for us, move forward and go from there.

“But it’s been a very difficult year because of the emotional roller coaster that we have been on as far as the inconsistent play. Not to mention, in my opinion, the coaches are still trying to determine which player works well here.

“It takes time because you have a new philosophy that you have incorporated and a lot of these guys are not used to doing that.”

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McFadden commented on whether he feels the talent is in place currently to win at Florida State

“I know some people are saying that it was a big-time mess that he needed to clean up,” McFadden said. “Me personally, I don’t know because I really haven’t been hands on as far as around the program day in and day out to say, ‘yes, that is correct, or no, that’s wrong.’

“I do know this: we do have some talent. You cannot tell me that we are the least talented team in the ACC. So, we do have some talent and I think it’s imperative to find out where this talent needs to be and who needs to be on the football field.”

McFadden also said it’s not just about talent, it’s also about going out there and putting forth a lot of effort, that is what makes teams a winner.

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