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Website says FSU Football would lose to 2018 FCS champions

FSU football has never lost a game to a team from the lower level, but one website thinks the Seminoles would get upset by the perennial champs.

After failing to make a bowl game for the first time in over three decades, the FSU football team not only got a chance to watch the bowl season at the FBS level but also the 24 team tournament that makes up the FCS playoffs each season – a level of football that has become dominated by one team from the upper midwest.

For the seventh time in the last eight seasons, it was the North Dakota State Bison who came out on top when they defeated Eastern Washington. It’s a team who has been even better than schools like Alabama currently and the Seminoles in the 1990s when it comes to establishing a dynasty.

Of course, they have had some success against teams from the upper level – pulling off upsets over big time foes like Kansas and Iowa State…you know, teams that were fighting for a playoff spot this past season (sarcasm, of course).

At the same time, FSU football has never lost to a team in the lower level since the division broke up entering the 1978 season. Sure, the Seminoles have had close calls against teams like Samford this past season, but the loss column still has a zero in it when it comes to this argument.

One website, however, thinks that would change if this year’s Seminoles played the Bison. SB Nation ranked the teams they think would be NDSU and those who would get beat. A total of 49 teams were ranked as being either a guaranteed win over the Bison or a favorite – while another 81 were ranked either a tossup or a loss for the FBS crowd, including our Seminoles.

FSU football found themselves ranked in the category of ‘Would Probably Lose to NDSU’ along with teams like Texas Tech, Tennessee, Marshall, Duke, BYU, Temple and more.

All of these teams were capable of putting together good games, and I bumped up the talented rosters at FSU and Tennessee to be part of this group. But these teams trend toward just OK (except when Purdue is playing Ohio State), and NDSU is a lot better than just OK.

At the same time, the site ranked teams with FSU football interest like Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida and Texas A&M in the certain FBS win category while Miami – a team the Seminoles lost to by one point – in the should win category. So, one point worse means that the Noles would lose to a FCS team?

Let me make this clear: the Bison are one heck of a great program at the FCS level and have been able to put together quite a run that has included wins over some FBS teams. With that being said, despite what the article was implying they could NEVER hang with a major Power Five conference – as the article said they would beat 25 of the 64 teams at that level.

It’s a lot like UCF with their whole argument of being in the playoff – the Knights are good for a quality win once in a while, but would be lucky to get seven or eight wins in the SEC or another Power Five league. The Bison are a great story, but FSU football would beat them.

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It’s not being cocky, it’s just a fact: the players at the FCS level are usually ones that couldn’t get into power programs like the Seminoles. Enjoy the success at the lower level, but those saying they could hang need to stay in their lanes.

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